Book launch

The Book Launch on 18thof “The Case of the Ascetic Satyr” Snapshots from Eternity with etchings by Asger Jorn from “Friehoff der Maulwurfe” Jorn/Caspari edition Galerie van de Loo 1959 and etchings by Jacqueline de Jong from ” La Folie Endormie” 1962 Gallery Clemens Thimme Karlsruhe.  

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The Case of the Ascetic Satyr

The Case of the Ascetic Satyr: In 1962, while living in Paris, Dutch painter, sculptor and editor of The Situationist Times Jacqueline de Jong (born 1939) completed a set of 11 woodcut engravings, a medium in which she rarely worked. Danish painter and writer Asger Jorn (1914–1973) adored the engravings and decided to publish them.…

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