Interviews and lectures, a selection:

2016 Bookpresentation Art Karhlsruhe - Galerie Thimme in Karhlsruhe
2015 Book-Launch Amsterdam Dec.
2015 TALK in LA with Alison Gingeras
2015 Talk at Yale University
2015 Book Launch Lecointre Drouet, Paris
2015 Booklaunch Blum&Poe New York
2015 Talk at Beinecke /Yale
2015 Gallery Blum & Poe, New York Book launch: The Ascetic Satyr ‘Snapshots from Eternity’ by Asger Jorn / Jacqueline De Jong
2015 Sociëteit De Kring, Potlatch Evening, January 12th, 2015
2014 De Balie Amsterdam (invite) (recorded session) October 29th 2014
2014 Scandinavian Mutant Summer Camp,  4-8-14 – 9-8-14  Gotland, Visby
2014 DAI Arnhem, Conference,  February, 11 2014
2014 Potlatch evening at 27-3, Paris
2013 Guy Debord ‘un art de la guerre’ BnF, Paris photos
2012 “50 years The Situationist Times” Yale University, Boo-Hooray Gallery, New York
2010 ‘Alla Kungens Hästar’ Moderna Museet with Roberto Ohrt
2009 Interview, The New School for Social Research and Eugene Lang College, New York by McKenzie Wark
2009 Interview by Kevin Repp at the Beinecke Rare Book & Manuscripts Library, Yale University, New Haven
2008 ‘Andere Tijden: mai ’68 Paris’ Television interview NPS, the Netherlands
2008 Lecture ARCAM Amsterdam ‘Declaration d’Amsterdam 1958’
2007 ‘The International Situationist Movement’ ( I.S.) Symposium Copenhagen, ‘det Fri Universitet’
2006 Symposium in Cerissy-la-Salle
1999 Lecture with Tom Weyland Castrum Peregrini Amsterdam, ‘Kunst en Recht: Deformatie – Modificatie – Transformatie’
1998 Lecture “Depot” I.S. exhibition MKSL Vienna “Frauen in der I.S.”
1998 Lectures with Tom Weyland “Deformation, Modification and the Law” Institute of Art & Law, London
1997 Lecture with Tom Weyland “Experience of a living artist in Art and Law” University of London Lecture with Tom Weyland, University of Warwick
1995 Guest lecture at the Hochschule f¨ür die Künste, Hamburg
1990 ‘Experiences of an artist’ I.C.C. symposium “Art, Trade and Law”, Amsterdam
1989 Interview BBC “Late Show” in connection with the I.S. exhibition in the Centre Pompidou, Paris
1989 Lecture at the Musée de l’Art Moderne, Saint-Étienne
1970 Television interview by VPRO
1970 “Elastic Power Action”, Lecture and installation at TH Twente
1965-1967 Happenings, Paris, with J.J. Lebel, Daniel Spoerri, Antonio Segui, Lourdes Castro, Rene Bertholo