Biografie Jacqueline de Jong

Lives and works in Amsterdam and in the Bourbonnais, France


1939    Born in Hengelo

1957    Christian Dior Boutique, Paris Theater education, Paris

1958    The Guildhall School of Dramatic Art, London

1959    Gruppe Spur

1958 – 1961    Department of applied Arts, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, Art History at the University of Amsterdam

1960 – 1971    Lives and works in Paris

1960 – 1962  The Internationale Situationniste

1960 – 1962    ‘Atelier 17’, graphic studio Stanley Hayter, Paris

1962    First solo exhibition. Gallery Delta, Rotterdam and Gallery Moderne, Silkeborg

1962    Artist book: La Folie Endormie

1962 – 1967 PublicationThe Situationist Times

1963    Exhibition with Gruppe Spurr ‘Syv Rebeller’, Gallery Westing, Odense

1964    ‘Accidental Paintings’, Gallery Westing, Odense

1964    ‘Three Displaced Persons’, Gallery Waalkens, Finsterwolde

1965-1966 ‘Accidental Paintings’ and ‘Suicidal Paintings’, Gallery Krikhaar, Amsterdam

1965–1967 Happenings and events with Ben, Jean Jacques Lebel, Antonio Segui, Lourdes Castro, Rene Berthelo, Daniel Spoerri, and Christian Boltanski

1967     Gallery Lily Dachée, New York

1966     ‘Private Life of Cosmonauts’, Gallery Zunini, Paris

1968     ‘Erotic paintings’, Institut Neerlandais, Paris

1969    ‘Private Life of Cosmonauts’, Art Association, Bergen, Norway

1970    Guest tutor ‘Elastic Power Action’, Twente University, Enschede

1971    Moves to Amsterdam

1971    ‘Diptychs’, Gallery Gammel Strand, Copenhagen

1973    ‘Diptychs’, Gallery Tanit, Munich, Bayreuth

1974    ‘Diptychs’, Gallery K276, Amsterdam

1974-1989 Gallery Brinkman, Amsterdam

1976    ‘Daily Bull’, Fondation Maeght, St.Paul de Vence

1976    ‘Billiard Paintings’, Gallery Brinkman, Amsterdam

1979    ‘Billiard Paintings’, Gallery Engström, Stockholm

1987    ‘Dramatic Landscapes’, Gallery Brinkman, Amsterdam/Gallery Sunnen, Luxembourg/Gallery Markt 17, Enschede

1988    ‘Internationale Situationniste’, Musée de l’Art Moderne, Saint-Étienne

1989-1990 ‘Internationale Situationniste’, Centre Pompidou, Paris/ICA London/ICA Boston

1990-2015 Gallery Suzanne Biederberg, Amsterdam, amongst others ‘Harvest’ in 2001

1990-2010 Gallery Helmut Leger, Munich

1997    Lecture with Tom Weyland “Experience of a living artist in Art and Law” University of London Lecture with Tom Weyland, University of Warwick

2003    Retrospective, Cobra Museum for Modern Art, Amstelveen/KunstCenteret Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg, with publication Undercover in Art, edition Ludion

2005-2007 Gallery Jansen & Kooy, Warnsveld

2006    Installation ‘Baked Potatoes’ at the estate of Asger Jorn in Albisola

2010    Gallery Roberto Peccollo, Livorno

2011    With Mark Brusse, Gallery Bollag, Zürich

2011    ‘De Jong Papers’, archive sold to Beinecke Library of Rare Books and Manuscripts, Yale University, New Haven

2011-2019 Gallery Clemens Thimme, Karlsruhe

2012    ‘50 years The Situationist Times’, Yale University, Boo-Hooray Gallery, New York

2012    ‘All the King’s Horses’, Moderna Museum, Stockholm

2012    Artist book: Mourning into the Morning, edition Roberto Peccollo

2012    ‘A Modification and Small Dérive of the Pontus Hultén Collection’, Moderna Museum, Stockholm

2013    Guy Debord ‘Un Art de la Guerre’, BnF, Paris

2013-2019 Gallery Elisabetta Cipriani, London

2013-2019 Gallery MiniMasterpiece, Paris

2015    ‘The Avant Garde won’t give up’, Gallery Blum&Poe, New York/Los Angeles

2015     ‘So ein Ding muss ich auch haben…’, Museum Lenbachhaus, München

2015    Artist book: The Case of the Ascetic Satyr-Snapshots from Eternity (1962-1970)

2016    ‘Human Animals’, UMAC Amherst

2016-2019 Gallery ChâteauShatto, Los Angeles

2016    Gallery ChâteauShatto at Paris International, Paris

2016    ‘The Case of the Ascetic Satyr’, Gallery Clemens Thimme, Karlsruhe

2016    ‘Monsters of the World Unite!’, Alison Gingeras, Gallery Blum&Poe at Frieze Masters, London

2017-2019 Gallery Dürst Britt & Mayhew, The Hague

2017    ‘Imaginary Disobedience’, Gallery ChâteauShatto, Los Angeles

2017    Artist book: Potato Bluesedition OnestarPress, Paris

2017    International Paris ChâteauShatto/Gallery Air de Paris

2018    ‘Retrospective’, Museum Les Abattoirs, Toulouse

2018    ‘Same Player Shoots Again!’, Torpedo Press, Oslo/Malmö Konsthall, Malmö

2018    MUMCO, Geneva

2018    ‘Ruis’, Frans Hals Museum - de Hallen, Haarlem